Where do I meet my chauffeur at the airport?

Your chauffeur will be waiting for you at the flight's arrival exit gate once you have cleared customs. They will be carrying a sign with your name or your company's name prominently displayed, making them easily identifiable.

  • At Terminal 2E, you can look for the Marks & Spencer store, where your driver will be waiting in front of the entry.
  • At Terminal 1, you can look for Starbucks, where your driver will be waiting in front of the entry.

At Private Car Service Paris, we understand that customer convenience and comfort are of utmost importance. To ensure a truly seamless and stress-free pick-up experience, we go the extra mile to provide our passengers with personalised attention upon arrival.

Upon arrival at the airport, passengers will be greeted by their driver at the designated location. In addition to holding a sign with the passenger's name or company name, our drivers will also be equipped with the latest technology to enhance communication and facilitate coordination. They will contact the passenger by text message, WhatsApp, or other instant messaging service to welcome and guide them if necessary.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence is second to none. Whether travelling for business or leisure, you can always rely on Private Car Service Paris for a hassle-free and enjoyable transportation experience.

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