Planning The Perfect Day Trip From Paris To Fontainebleau

Experience French Royalty: Your Complete Guide To A Day Trip From Paris To Fontainebleau

A photo of <a href=Château de Fontainebleau, with diverse people and lush gardens. A photo of Château de Fontainebleau with diverse people and lush gardens.

Embarking on a day trip from Paris to Fontainebleau often presents travellers with the challenge of organising transport and itinerary. Surprisingly, the Château de Fontainebleau is less than an hour’s drive from Paris, making it an ideal destination for a quick getaway.

Private Car Service Paris provides the perfect solution, offering luxurious travel paired with expert local knowledge to enhance your experience. Discover the ease of a well-planned visit that promises rich culture and unforgettable memories.

Let us guide you; your enchanting journey awaits.

Key Points

  • Private Car Service Paris offers a comfortable and stylish way to get from Paris to Fontainebleau, with luxury cars and knowledgeable drivers.
  • The Château de Fontainebleau is a historical highlight where visitors can explore French history through art and architecture.
  • Fontainebleau’s gardens are beautiful, perfect for outdoor activities like walking or cycling in the surrounding forest.
  • Visitors can enjoy art and culture in local galleries, taste traditional French food at restaurants, and shop for unique items.
  • To book this day trip filled with ease and elegance, you can contact Private Car Service Paris via phone or their website.


Why Choose Private Car Service Paris for Your Day Tour to Fontainebleau

A luxurious private car parked in front of the grand Fontainebleau estate.

Embark on an exquisite journey to Fontainebleau with Private Car Service Paris, where your day trip transcends the ordinary, thanks to our commitment to exceptional service. Our priority is ensuring your travel experience is the pinnacle of elegance and ease, as we whisk you away from the bustling city to a serene historical retreat.

Luxury and comfortable transportation from Paris to Fontainebleau

Travel to Fontainebleau in style with a luxury car that provides top comfort. Our vehicles offer plush seats, ample space, and all you need for a relaxing journey from Paris. The ride is smooth and silent, allowing you to appreciate the scenery or have a quick snooze before arriving at Fontainebleau.

Our chauffeurs are familiar with the routes and can deliver you swiftly. They also ensure your trip is secure and enjoyable. You can recline while we manage all the driving details.

Your day out will be more delightful when there’s no need to fuss over maps or parking spots!

Knowledgeable and professional drivers

Once you sink into the comfy seat, it’s the driver who ensures your journey is smooth and full of insights. They are experts on Paris and Fontainebleau, eager to share fascinating tidbits as you travel.

You’ll get to learn about French history and spot wonderful sights along the way.

These skilled drivers always choose the quietest streets for a peaceful ride. They’re also very friendly! Feel free to ask them anything—be it recommendations for good places to eat or attractions in Fontainebleau—they have advice on just about everything! Your trip becomes more than a mere drive; it turns into an experience rich with stories and guidance from mates who really know Paris inside out.

Personalised and flexible itinerary

With a tailor-made trip from Paris to Fontainebleau, your day is yours to design. Whether you have a passion for history or the great outdoors, our service allows you to choose what suits you the best.

You’re in control of how much time you spend at each location and what sights you wish to explore, such as the stunning Château de Fontainebleau or the surrounding verdant woodlands.

Our chauffeurs are experts in finding the optimal routes and can assist in planning your ideal day out. They’ll handle all the driving so that you can sit back and savour every moment without any worries.

Are you prepared for an unforgettable excursion? Let’s discover why Fontainebleau is a destination not to be missed!

Stress-free and convenient travel

You deserve to kick back and have a great time on your travels without worrying. Our fancy car service with a driver offers just that—an easy ride from Paris to Fontainebleau. There is no need for maps, checking train times, or queuing up for tickets.

Jump into one of our top-notch cars, get cosy, and let us handle the driving. Your personal driver knows all the best ways to go and can deal with any traffic while you enjoy the lovely views or get ready for your time in Fontainebleau.

Being flexible is important on a day out. If you want to linger longer at one place or miss out on another, we can change plans quickly. There’s no hurry or hassle—just smooth travelling made just for you.

With your trip from Paris to Fontainebleau sorted by us, all you have to do is look forward to seeing the grand chateau and feeling the charm of the town.

Quality customer service

Enjoy a smooth journey with a touch of class. Our chauffeurs take great pride in offering first-rate service. They’re courteous, always eager to assist, and have plenty of local knowledge.

Feel free to seek their advice or help at any point during your ride. We aim to make sure you feel cared for from beginning to end.

Our team is committed to supporting you throughout your experience. They respond swiftly to queries and tackle any issues promptly, ensuring that nothing detracts from your day out in Fontainebleau.

To us, excellent service means delighted travellers!

>Itinerary for the Perfect Day Trip

A couple walking hand in hand through Fontainebleau Palace grounds.

Embark on a journey tailored by Private Car Service Paris, where every detail of your day trip to Fontainebleau is meticulously planned for an unforgettable experience. From the moment we collect you from your Parisian residence, our aim is to immerse you in the regal elegance and scenic beauty that this historic gem has to offer.

Pick up from your hotel in Paris and head to Fontainebleau

Get ready for a smooth start to your day trip to Fontainebleau. Our luxury cars will collect you from your central Paris hotel. Relax in the comfort of our soft seats as we take you away from the busy city streets.

Your personal driver is not only great at driving; they also know a lot about the area’s history and the best places to see. Enjoy this private journey that makes travelling to Fontainebleau feel like part of an exclusive adventure.

The trip itself adds excitement to your day as you go through pretty routes, with each turn offering a new scene to remember. You don’t have to think about train times or full buses; it’s all sorted for you, so you can get excited about seeing Fontainebleau’s beautiful chateau and gardens.

We promise a comfortable ride from Paris to Fontainebleau, making sure you’re relaxed for what’s in store on your wonderful escape.

Travel to Fontainebleau

Leaving your hotel, your journey to Fontainebleau begins with a comfortable trip in a luxurious vehicle. The roads wind out of Paris, taking you towards an adventure filled with historical wonders and stunning sights.

Your professional driver is familiar with every bend and can take you straight to the centre of Fontainebleau, where tales of royalty await. You’ll travel along picturesque paths, feeling at ease and excited to discover the grandeur that awaits upon arrival at this splendid location.

Visit the Château de Fontainebleau

Step into the Château de Fontainebleau and see history come to life. This castle has been home to kings and emperors for hundreds of years. Walk through grand halls filled with stunning art and feel like royalty as you discover rooms where famous leaders once lived.

The Château’s mix of styles tells a story from the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance.

After exploring inside, take some time to wander around the vast gardens. They are perfect for enjoying a sunny day or finding a quiet spot away from crowds. The beauty of nature here adds magic to your visit before heading back in comfort with Private Car Service Paris.

Explore the beautiful gardens and surrounding forest

Stroll through the splendid gardens of Fontainebleau, and you’ll enter a realm of splendour. The neatly clipped hedges and vibrant beds of flowers bring joy to all who visit. Meander along serene walkways beside glistening fountains and ponds that shimmer in the sunlight.

The trees are alive with birdsong, enhancing the tranquil atmosphere.

Just a stone’s throw away lies the renowned forest, filled with opportunities for adventure. Inhale the crisp air as you venture beneath its lofty green canopy. The forest trails are ideal for ambling or cycling through.

Nature enthusiasts will discover diverse flora and fauna thriving amidst time-worn rock structures.

Return to Paris

After breathing in the fresh air of Fontainebleau’s gardens and enjoying a walk among its leafy trees, you’ll be ready for the relaxing ride back to Paris. Let Private Car Service Paris take care of everything as you sit back in luxury comfort.

The journey is smooth and swift, ensuring you return with plenty of time to reflect on your day or plan your evening in the city. With us handling the drive, there are no worries about catching trains or navigating busy stations—just seamless travel from start to finish.

Benefits of Visiting Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau, a jewel in the crown of French heritage, offers visitors an enchanting blend of history and natural beauty. Indulge in the splendid architecture and artistic legacy that promises an unforgettable escape from the bustle of city life.

Rich history and architecture

Fontainebleau is a treasure trove of history, with every stone whispering tales of the past. It houses the renowned Château de Fontainebleau, which has witnessed French kings and emperors coming and going for many years.

From Louis VII to Napoleon III, this regal dwelling has been at the heart of historical events. The chateau mixes Renaissance and classical designs, showcasing exceptional French architecture.

When you visit, you will stroll through rooms furnished with elegant pieces and artwork that reaches back through time. You will gaze upon grand staircases and decorated ceilings that have seen extravagant celebrations and official gatherings.

This UNESCO World Heritage site continues to tell its story through its impressive walls and decorative arts.

Beautiful gardens and outdoor activities

Stepping out of the grand halls of history, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the breathtaking gardens of Fontainebleau. The castle’s grounds invite you to wander through lush greenery and blooming flowers that change with each season.

Your eyes will love the view; there is much to do that will get your body moving too. Enjoy a gentle walk or hire a bike and cycle along shaded paths in the vast Forest of Fontainebleau.

This natural wonder is ideal for those who adore fresh air and adventure. Boating on peaceful ponds brings a touch of calmness, while children can delight in outdoor play areas. Here, every corner offers a new chance to connect with nature and make memories that linger long after you’ve gone back to Paris.

Art and culture

Fontainebleau is packed with art and history, once a favourite spot for French kings and queens. You’ll find the famous Château de Fontainebleau there, full of old stories and beautiful art.

This huge palace has paintings, furniture, and decorations that share stories about the people who lived there long ago – from monarchs to rulers.

As you walk around Fontainebleau, you’ll discover even more about culture. The town itself loves art, with lovely galleries and shops full of local crafts. Watch shows or see an exhibition; Fontainebleau’s lively culture gives you something fresh everywhere you look.

Take this chance to enjoy rare works of art and learn about France’s grand past while having a great day out of Paris.

Shopping and dining experiences

As you move away from art and culture, Fontainebleau also has lovely places for shopping and eating. You can discover charming shops selling special French items that you might like to bring back home.

Look out for top-quality wines, cheeses, and handmade goods that show off France’s rich traditions. Eating out is a treat too. Pick from snug cafes to posh restaurants where chefs cook up fantastic French meals.

Have a go at the famous le Fontainebleau dessert or sit on a terrace with a view of the palace gardens while you enjoy your food. Savouring food and finding gems in shops make for an ideal day out.

As you stroll through the town of Fontainebleau, every corner brings new pleasures for shoppers and food enthusiasts alike. Enjoy choosing smart pieces at boutique stores or have a look at an open-air market for fresh food if it’s open when you visit.

Try local treats like just-baked pastries or tasty crepes made right in front of you! The eating spots suit all palates, whether you’re after something quick or would rather take your time over a meal enjoying traditional French cooking in unique settings not far from Paris.

Contact Us and Booking Information

Ready for a day filled with luxury, comfort, and French history? Private Car Service Paris offers a seamless way to experience Fontainebleau. Book your ride now and let us handle the details while you sit back in style.

Call us or visit our website to reserve your perfect day trip from Paris. Your adventure awaits!



1. How do I get from Paris to Fontainebleau for a day trip?

You can take a train from Gare de Lyon station in Paris directly to the Fontainebleau-Avon train station, which is the easiest way to reach Fontainebleau.

2. Is there much to see at Château de Fontainebleau?

Yes, at Château de Fontainebleau, you can explore centuries of history, see beautiful French Renaissance art, and walk through the same rooms as past kings of France like King Louis XIV and Napoleon, the Emperor of France.

3. Can I visit Vaux-le-Vicomte on the same day as Fontainebleau?

It’s possible but could be rushed; if you plan well, you could see both on your day out since they are two famous palaces outside of Paris known for their rich history and stunning gardens.

4. Should I join a guided tour or go by myself?

A guided group tour can give interesting facts about all the places you’ll see, or you can choose an easy self-guided trip with just a map and some information about where to eat in Fontainebleau or what parts of the chateau to visit first.

5. Do I need to buy tickets ahead of time?

Buying your tickets beforehand is smart because it saves time when you arrive at Château de Fontainebleau, so you have more moments inside this historic castle.

6. What should I not miss during my visit to Fontainebleau?

Don’t skip seeing things like Catherine de Medici’s Renaissance-style gardens and 16th-century artwork inside the castle, and try special local food like Le Fontainebleau cheese before heading back to Paris!